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Kitsap County's Great Give, May 2, 2017

Make your donations grow by donating through the Kitsap Great Give! You are the key to reaching our goal, which is opening a clinic in Bremerton in THIS YEAR!


You and the thousands of other residents in Kitsap can go to this website https://kitsapgreatgive.org/npo/early-life-speech-language on May 2 and change lives in your community. (Feel free to sign up today and let GreatGive & Early Life Speech & Language send you reminders to make your donation on May 2nd.)


The minimum donation is $10, and when thousands of people give at least $10, it adds up to some pretty big numbers. Your donations have the potential of being doubled with the GreatGive sponsor pools and prizes to match.


On May 2, 2017, from midnight to 11:59pm, Kitsap County will have a chance to once again make history when we come together as a community to help members of our community that need it most.


Follow Early Life Speech & Language on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming info on the GreatGive! Also, be on the lookout for emails in your inbox with reminders and announcements!


Between ages 3-4,children’s speech should include pronouns like I, you, me, we, and they, and some plural words like toys, birds and buses.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Assn.