Speech and Language therapy works...
and lasts a lifetime.

Founded and supported by Scottish Rite Masons
Thanks to the Scottish Rite Masons and our generous community of donors, Early Life Speech & Language services are provided free of charge to all families. There are no limitations on eligibility with regard to income, health insurance or Masonic affiliation.
Our clinics and programs serve kids in the state of Washington who are experiencing specific communication issues:
  • Children who have “no words.” They are mostly silent or quiet and do not express themselves verbally;
  • Children who use many words, but are generally unintelligible or very difficult for others to understand due to speech articulation issues;
  • Children who use clearly spoken words, but who have difficulty with grammar and sentence construction, which is awkward and not age appropriate. These kids often struggle to make themselves understood;
  • Children who exhibit all of the above issues.
Your child may be eligible for services if he or she is*:
  • Between the ages of 2 and 7;
  • Demonstrates significant delays in speech and language skills;
  • And similar to their peers in their cognitive, fine, gross motor and social skills.


If you have questions regarding your child’s speech or language development, eligibility for our services, or general communication disorders, call us!

Bremerton: (360) 726-5509
Spokane: (509) 838-2310
State-wide: (855) 543-8255
Walla Walla: (509) 876-0450
*We do not serve children with medical conditions/diagnosis such as autism spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, stuttering or down syndrome.


Early intervention is key—research shows that early identification and intervention programs create positive results over a lifetime for children with communication disorders and society as a whole.

- The International Communication Project