Speech and Language therapy works...
and lasts a lifetime.

Founded and supported by Scottish Rite Masons
What we do:
At Early Life Speech & Language, we offer individualized, one-on-one, research-based therapy for children between the ages of 2 and 7 who exhibit significant expressive speech and language delays. That is, they have problems using language to express what they are thinking or need.
What to expect:
Therapy typically consists of individualized sessions including the child, his or her parents, and a speech-language pathologist. Most children look forward to our play-based therapy; it’s fun! Because treatment sessions are engaging, kids are able to maintain focus and learn more. Parents regularly observe and participate in therapy appointments. During or after each visit they are coached on a variety of activities so they can work with their child at home and throughout everyday experiences between sessions.


Early intervention is key—research shows that early identification and intervention programs create positive results over a lifetime for children with communication disorders and society as a whole.

- The International Communication Project