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Success Stories


We’re proud of our clients’ success!
Speech and language therapy changes lives for kids and their families.


Tyler, age 6

Tyler looks forward to seeing Ms. Kerri in Spokane for speech therapy, says his mom, Ann. A very social child, he loves to talk and was frustrated when friends and classmates would ask him questions and he would have to repeat himself over and over again to be understood. Now, Tyler is much more sure of himself – his speech is clear and his articulation is much stronger. He has no trouble saying his favorite word: ANIMALS!


Vienna, age 4

Speech therapy at Early Life Speech & Language (formerly RiteCare of Washington) has made all the difference for Vienna, who now can easily express her needs and feelings. Angela, Vienna’s mother, notes that the family was ready to give up on therapy; thankfully, "RiteCare has helped our daughter learn to speak and has given me tools and ideas to continue therapy at home all week long," she says. When Vienna began therapy, she had trouble combining sounds. Now, she easily speaks complex words like “Delicious” and “Ketchup.” (For Vienna, these words go together often. Yum!)


Kate, age 7

Kate has made incredible progress since starting at Early Life Speech & Language (formerly RiteCare of Washington), says her mother, Kasey. "It is such a relief to see Kate's friends and classmates understand what she is saying to them...especially since she always has a lot to say!" Kate has no problem setting the record straight in conversations – she confidently uses her favorite word: “Actually…”


Bevvon, age 7

With the help of speech therapy, Bevvon has found his voice, says his mom, Amanda. Finally, thanks to the team at Early Life Speech & Language (formerly RiteCare of Washington), Bevvon’s family has answers to their questions about his speech issues and many tools to help him overcome his challenges. Like many 7-year-olds, Bevvon is a big fan of Transformers; now, he can share his thoughts on the ongoing battle between Autobots and Decepticons with ease. Go Optimus Prime!

Colt, age 6

At first, Colt's unintelligible banter seemed "cute," but it became clear that his inability to communicate frustrated him greatly, says Colt’s mother, Marcy. “Early Life Speech & Language (formerly RiteCare of Washington) made therapy fun and provided a safe learning environment where our son could thrive." Now, his cheers for the Gonzaga Bulldogs are loud and clear!


Caden, age 3

In one year, Caden’s spoken vocabulary ballooned from less than 10 words to a full array of verbal language. “Today, thanks to speech-language therapy,” says his mother, Janna, “we can have full conversations and understand each other. It’s amazing." Some of Caden’s favorite words are still the same, though…he loves TRACTORS, HOT DOGS and the color ORANGE, and he can say them all!


Emily, age 4

With speech-language therapy, Emily can express herself and she is so much happier, says her mother, Tara. "Emily is able to communicate her thoughts and needs in a way that we can understand. She has come a long way from tantrums and pulling on my clothes. She even tells jokes!” Emily loves CAKE, and she can ask for it clearly when she gets HUNGRY (another favorite word) – although her mom doesn’t always comply!


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Between ages 3-4,children’s speech should include pronouns like I, you, me, we, and they, and some plural words like toys, birds and buses.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Assn.